Barry Iszak over Anne-Lies van Overbeek

I met Anne-Lies many years ago at her second NAPO conference in 1996. Since that conference, we have met often at NAPO conferences, as well as in the Netherlands. She has always made me feel very welcomed in her country with her family and other professional organizers.

Without a doubt, Anne-Lies is a pioneer in the professional organizing industry both in the Netherlands and in the USA. Her dedication to bringing professionalism to the organizing profession is well recognized. Not only is she known as the first professional organizer in Europe, she created one of the first professional organizer training courses (in which several American organizers participated as guest speakers). In 1998, she was recognized with the NAPO President’s Award for these accomplishments and is well known around the world as the organizing guru.

Anne-Lies acts as a guiding light helping her clients feel safe enough to discover their true inner person as she carefully leads them to gain control of their lives again to live the lives they really want.

Thanks for your commitment to our industry all these years! You are an inspiration to many.

Barry J. Izsak, CPO® (Certified Professional Organizer)
Past President of NAPO 2003-2007 (National Association of Professional Organizers)
Arranging it All
Austin, Texas, USA

~ Anne-Lies van Overbeek  † 2-11-2017